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Farm and Agricultural Insurance in Red Bluff and Chico, CA

Protecting Farmers and Agribusiness Owners

From market changes and droughts to infestations and fires, the risks that you face as a farmer or agribusiness owner are all around. These and other risks can be costly to you if you’re unprotected, and this reason is why having protection is very important.  Insurance provides necessary protection, and at Cody Marshall Insurance Services we have a complete farm and agribusiness insurance program which is flexible and also which we customize for individual clients.

We’ve insured farmers and agribusiness owners for many years; we work with Nationwide Agribusiness, which is one of the top providers of farm and agribusiness insurance in the U.S.  Our agency is Master Farm Certified; we always stay up to date on agricultural markets; and we have multiple agents who write completely tailored policies.  For these reasons, we’ll provide to you the best possible farm or agribusiness insurance.  Whether you run a small hobby farm or a major agricultural operation, we can help!

Farm and Agriculture Insurance Coverage Details

Farm insurance is a lot like business insurance; it protects in similar ways and has many of the same coverage’s. However just like businesses, farms are not all the same. Every policy is different and by using Nationwide Agribusiness we can custom build a policy that fits you.

We can offer multiple coverage’s on a policy, here is some to name a few

Farm Dwellings
Farm Buildings
Farm Equipment
Farm Liability
Farm Auto
Farm Umbrella
And Much More

As a client of ours you may be able to save money and time if you take advantage of benefits and discounts for which you may be eligible. Talk with an agent to learn about these benefits and discounts.

Thorough, knowledgeable Agents keeping you and your Farming Operation secure

We know that insuring farms and agribusinesses is challenging, and this is why we take a hands-on and detailed approach to insuring farms and agribusinesses.  We thoroughly assess clients' needs through one-on-one consultations, risk analyses, and on-site inspections, and also we use replacement cost estimators in order to properly gauge the values of homes, barns, shops, and other structures that are on farms.  Once we know and understand your needs, we can package a policy that fits you.

We regularly and closely monitor policies and plans that we write, we do annual policy reviews, can schedule a visit to your farm to determine needs. At Cody Marshall Insurance Services we enjoy taking the time getting to know you and your family. Making sure you feel confident with your policy and you understand what you’re paying for is our top priority. 

Contact us or call us today. To start on a policy, request a quote.

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At Andy Houghton Insurance we’re proud to provide farm insurance to the North State, and look forward to helping you achieve your goals.